As a government by and for the people, I believe special interests have too loud a voice in Arizona politics. I support having elections that are completely publicly funded, and all efforts to protect voter rights.



Fully funding public education is paramount to a strong economy. This includes competitive salaries for teachers, and fully funded infrastructure. I oppose measures to redirect public funds to private institutions specifically expanded ESA voucher programs.



In order to protect both physical and economic health, I support an expanded Medicaid system in Arizona. Healthcare is a human right and should be affordably accessible for all Arizonans.


Women’s rights:

A woman’s right to choose should be decided by the individual, her family and a healthcare provider as a matter of public health and law.


Gun Control:

I respect the 2nd Amendment and firmly believe in the Right to Bear Arms. As a matter of public safety and with respect to the specific language in the Bill of Rights, I support sensible gun control including interstate background checks, the closure of so-called gun show and internet loopholes, bans on military style weapons and aftermarket devices designed to enhance firepower.



There is no need to raise taxes in order to afford strong public education, healthcare and infrastructure. Closing corporate tax loopholes and tax give-a-ways is essential in order for the wealthy, who do not need them, and can pay their fair share.

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